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Dessert – It always occupies an important position in the minds of girls, because it not only has a sweet taste, but also a pleasant agent, which will make the mood better after eating. However, excessive consumption of desserts will easily gain weight and increase blood sugar. Diabetes and three advanced problems.

Even though it seemed that eating desserts had more harm than good, I still didn’t give up the idea of ​​it. Since I couldn’t quit, I had to try to control my blood sugar.

Recently, I fell in love with this Lowsutea anti-sugar tea. This tea is made with 100% natural ingredients. It helps control blood sugar and delays diabetes complications, enhances health awareness to prevent diabetes, improves cardiovascular health, and provides antioxidants. Substances reduce the chance of suffering from high blood pressure.

Two ingredients: Guava Leaf Bits & Bitter Melon

  • Guava leaf helps to block the absorption of sugar entering into blood vessels
  • Bitter Melon acts like the insulin, taking sugar into cells

Put the tea bag in a 350ml teapot or 250ml steeping bottle and steep for 3-5 minutes (12oz teapot or 8.5oz steeping bottle), and you can enjoy it immediately.

The recommended intake is daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, 1 cup each before and after meal, and 6 cups (250 ml) a day. Many people see the name “Lowsutea” guess that it maybe traditional Chinese medical drinks. In fact, this tea uses 100% natural ingredients without caffeine and is very healthy.

Although one of the ingredients of Lowsutea is bitter gourd, it is not bitter at all in the mouth. On the contrary, I think its taste is very fragrant and refreshing in the mouth. It has a fruity aroma and a hint of sweetness in the aftertaste.

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