“How to have a thriving life with pre-diabetes and diabetes Bonus Session Ez to make delicious Custard 4 g carb” 19 June 2021

Do you know…being pre-diabetes and diabetes could be stressful especially need to watching diet, exercise, control weight, and checking blood sugar A1C to ensure meeting the better blood sugar goal to be healthy?

Many people even felt embarrassed becoming a diabetic and not want to tell anyone instead of hiding it, result in more stress internally and externally.

Worst since diabetes has no symptoms, and just continue to delay their treatment.

This webinar giving insight on how to prevent diabetes-related problems and living in normal thriving life as follows: 

  • Pre-diabetic and diabetes are lifelong disease need continuous tracking and monitoring to delay its disease progress
  • You can postpone your pre-diabetic conversion and delay your diabetic complications may improve all your physical, socioeconomically & psychological impact
  • Doing your part changing your life-style of diet with drinking Lowsutea, exercising, weight control, blood tracking, listen Drs & professional webinar update with new diabetes management news.
  • These actions will help you to prevent many diabetic related problems

Want to know more details? Watch the video to find out more!

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