“20 Tips To Manage of Your Type 2 Diabetes Enjoy Making EZ 2 carbs Coffee Ice Cream” September 19, 2020

Do you know even you are diabetes, you still can have a long and healthy life by taking some steps to change your lifestyle and know-how to better manage your blood sugar to reduce the risk of developing diabetic complications…

The 20 tips to better manage your type 2 diabetics are:

  1. Set your diabetic achievable goals
  2. Start your diet plan
  3. Exercise with your optimize plan
  4. Manage stress
  5. Watch for potential depression
  6. Good and enough sleep
  7. Monitor your daily sugar level
  8. Check your feet before bedtime
  9. Brush 2x/day and floss your teeth/day
  10. . Track your A1C
  11. . Store your medication in one place
  12. . If 65 years older, need to watch your heart and stroke
  13. . Maintain healthy weight
  14. . No smoking
  15. . Little alcohol
  16. . Make an annual eye Doctor check your eyes
  17. . Check food labels for carbs and sugar
  18. . Avoid starch food (rice)
  19. . Have a list of written questions for the doctor
  20. . Continue keep you update of diabetes know-how and motivate you to control blood sugar

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