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Lowsutea – 5 Steps To Prevent Diabetes Webinar 13 June 2020

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“5 Steps To Prevent Diabetes” webinar 13 June 2020

Wah Fong Tea Company successfully held an online webinar – “5 Steps To Prevent Diabetes” on June 13th, 2020. Let’s see what is interesting in this online webinar…

The webinar discussed “what is diabetes?”, “Can We Prevention of diabetes?”, “Cohort study of the effect of Lowsutea on average daily glucose level”, “5 steps to prevent diabetes” and “Why Lowsutea Works?”  

Diabetes has become a very serious disease in Hong Kong. It affects all the large and small blood vessels of the whole body and can cause serious diabetic complications. Also, there are more than 700,000 diabetic patients in Hong Kong, 1 out of 10 people are diabetic, and 1 in 4 people aged above 65 are diagnosed with diabetes! Even more serious estimated 2,300,000 people are pre-diabetic if no actions are taken, a few years later they may become diabetic resulting in many health issues and high healthcare costs. 

Diabetes is the body’s impaired response or production to insulin, which leads to abnormal carbohydrate metabolism and elevated glucose levels in the blood.

How should diabetes be prevented? In the webinar, five effective methods were proposed for you: 1) Maintain optimal weight and waist circumference; 2) Proper dieting; 3)  Exercise, with appropriate physically active. 4) Monitoring tracking your blood sugar, educating yourself to improve lifestyle, 5) Drink Lowsutea, and taking your medication if required. Want to know the details? Click on the video to watch the webinar! Or attend at 6.27. Q&A webinar at 11 AM HK time.

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