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“8 Best Drink for Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes ” webinar 27 June 2020

Wah Fong Tea Company successfully held an online webinar – “8 Best Drink for Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes” on June 27th, 2020. Here is the summary…

For patients with pre-diabetes or diabetes, it should be understood that diabetes is a chronic disease that cannot be cured and can only be controlled.

Therefore, pre-diabetes or diabetes should manage their blood sugar levels carefully, do not let diabetes complications become more serious. If blood sugar keeps rising, it may cause serious large vessel and small vessel complications including heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, amputation, etc.

Thus, it is very important to know how to choose suitable beverages to replace high-sugar or high-calorie drinks. The 8 types of drinks suitable for diabetes and prediabetes are as follows:

1. Water

2. Tea – Lowsutea has no caffeine, carbohydrates and calories

3. Coffee – better to drink black coffee which has no calories, will not affect blood sugar

4. Soda water – carbonated water, no sugar

5. Bone Broth

6. Almond milk

7. Red wine – dry wine has less sugar

8. Vegetable juice – like celery or cucumber with few piece berries for flavors and vitamin and minerals

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