Best 10 Vegetables for Diabetes

Do you know…different vegetables have different nutrients and types of fiber that all are important for diabetes?

Since type 2 diabetes is connected to insulin resistance, which is associated with fatty liver, heart disease, abnormal cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and even some types of cancer.

Thus, when you think about eating for diabetes, you also have to think about eating for heart disease prevention.

Here are the 10 vegetables suitable for diabetes and help you to prevent heart disease and control blood sugar…

  1. Carrots – high in vitamin A, helps with immunity and healthy eyes
  2. Broccoli – helps with glucose and cholesterol metabolism
  3. Cabbage – full of fiber to slow the digestion, help prevent blood sugar spikes
  4. Spinach – rich in iron, key to healthy blood flow
  5. Tomatoes – high in lycopene, help to lower risk of heart disease
  6. Cucumber – help reduce and control blood sugar levels
  7. Lettuce – help absorption, contributes to blood sugar control
  8. Mushrooms –  adequate vitamin B to prevent cognitive decline
  9. Green beans – contain vitamin C and vitamin A, high in fiber
  10. Zucchini – high in carotenoids, support heart health and might protect against certain cancers. It is also low in calories and high in fiber. 

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