“Embarrassing Diabetic Questions you’re afraid to ask your doctor and Enjoy Making Peanuts Butter Cookies” 22 November 2020

Type 2 Diabetic patients may cause few embarrassing symptoms such as unavoidable urge for using rest room, bad breath, discolor of big toe and Itch, and etc.

Here are some frequently asked embarrassing symptoms:

  • Unavoidable Urge for using rest room
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED), affect their sex life
  • Bad breath
  • Discolor of big toe
  • Itch 

Solutions: need to decrease A1C, maintain good blood sugar levels, healthy dieting, exercising regularly, lose weight, take good oral care routine daily including brushing 2X per day and flossing, look for toe nail to see other problems including infection and injury, and etc.

Want to know more details? Watch the video to find more!

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