Lowsutea user experience – Ms. Pat Cheung

Ms. Pat Cheung is one of our successful users drinking Lowsutea. Let’s see what her feedback of using Lowsutea!

“The effect of Lowsutea is very good, my husband has high blood sugar problem and his blood sugar level is about 10mmol/l. After drinking Lowsutea, his blood sugar drops to between 4-5mmol/l, and my blood sugar is about 7mmol/l, after drinking Lowsutea, my blood sugar drops to 5 mmol/l. It helped us a lot!“ said Ms. Pat Cheung.

In fact, Lowsutea contains 100% natural guava leaf and bitter melon. Guava leaf can block the absorption of sugar in blood vessel, and the bitter melon acting like insulin to bring sugar into body cells. Both ingredients work together will naturally and effectively lower client’s blood sugar levels.

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