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The health cost for diseases related to high blood sugar levels
is very expensive…

- Stroke
- Heart Disease
- Fatigue and Lack of Energy
- High Blood Pressure
- Glaucoma
- Amputation

Health cost:
- 500,000 USD/yr
-180,000 USD/yr
- 20,000 USD/yr
- 15,000 USD/yr
- 30,000 USD/yr
- 100,000 USD/yr

For People Living With Prediabetes & High Blood Sugar Levels…

It’s Time Take Control Of Your Health Once Again.

How Is It Effective In Delaying The Onset Of Diabetic Complications?

Build awareness and conscious of client’s good health, keep monitoring
blood sugar and diet level and prevention of diabetes.


Lowsutea 30 - HK$168/box

Our Objectives of Lowsutea®

Maintain better blood sugar level

Potentially delay onset of diabetic complications

Empower you to be conscious of your own health to prevention of diabetes

Lowsutea® may help to:

'Delay onset of diabetic complications

which prevents a cluster of conditions that occur together, effectively reducing your risk of suffering type 2 diabetes.

Lower Your Harmful Cholesterol

which directly lowers your risk to become diabetic & suffer coronary heart disease

Lower Your Harmful Cholesterol

on top of reducing the risk for diabetes, Lowsutea® also keeps your heart healthy

Provide Antioxidant Effects

which in turn provide anti-inflammatory and
anti-aging effects from Antioxidant Properties to keep your body clean and functioning at its best

Lessen The Chances Of Hypertension

plus other diseases that come with diabetic complications such as stroke and dementia

If You’re Looking To Delay Your Type 2 Diabetic onsets,
Lowsutea® Is Suitable For You

If You Are Prediabetic, Or Have High Blood Sugar Levels...

Lowsutea® is effective in helping to maintain normal blood sugar levels – and may help you lower your risk of developing full-blown diabetes.

If You Have Type 2 Diabetes…

It’s crucial that you prevent glucose build-up in your body. Lowsutea® has sugar cleansing properties that are believed to help normalize your blood sugar levels – preventing diabetes from developing into serious complications.

If You Are Overweight & At Risk Of Developing Further Health Issues…

Lowsutea® is a healthy tea that potentially may help in managing weight gain by blocking the absorption of glucose – slowing the onset of diabetes and other health issues.

Camellia Treasure Teas 2020 Introduction - Launch of Lowsutea

Lowsutea - Faye Mau testimonial

Testimonial: Melody - Lower her blood sugar from 17.4 to 4.9

Testimonial: Pat Cheung - No more insulin for her husband

Lowsutea - Ella Poon user experience

Lowsutea - User Gwen experience

Using Abbott Libre sensor * , you
can track your blood sugar level
accurately anytime.

* Abbott Libre sensor is a device designed to be easy to apply and wear that helps to measure and store blood sugar level automatically.

Over 2 Weeks Of Drinking Lowsutea®

the participant experienced lower daily average blood sugar levels of 4.9 to 6.6 mmol/l (88 to 119mg/dl)

Stopped Drinking Lowsutea® For 1 Week

the participant saw his blood sugar levels raise back up to higher levels of 7.0 to 8.2 mmol/l (128 to 149 mg/dl)

After resuming drinking Lowsutea®

his blood sugar levels dropped back down to healthy levels of 5.5 to 6.9 mmol/l (98 to 122 mg/dl) again!

64 Years Old Lowsutea users after 2 months drinking Lowsutea able to achieve blood sugar target at 87% vs. 26% before drinking Lowsutea

Achieved 87% average blood sugar target after drinking 1.5 month Lowsute

64 years old user measure average glucose started Aug 19,2019 with daily average glucose meeting only 26% of average glucose target

Dr is so impressed of user average glucose target, Dr lower her medication

On Oct 20 started to drink Lowsutea 6x 250ml(8.5fl oz) per day, by Dec. 11, was able to achieve 87% average daily glucose target.

If Your Blood Sugar Levels Are High - It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Health Before You’re Exposed To Serious Health Problems Such As:


Weight Gain

Diabetic Glaucoma

Heart Disease

Kidney Failure



Organ Damage


Our Medical Advisory Board

Professor Laurence K. Chan

MBBS (HKU), DPhil (Oxford University), FRCP (London and Edinburgh), FACP, FHKAM, FHKCP (Hon.), Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine; Director, Department of Transplant Nephrology, University Hospital Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado, USA.

Dr. Jennifer Myint

Specialist in Geriatric Medicine

MBBS(HK), MRCP(UK), FHKCP, FHKAM(Medicine), MMed (Geriatrics)(New South Wales), FRCP (Edin), Honorary Consultant of Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital.

Dr. Chau Ming Tak

MBBS (HK), DMRD (London), FRCR (UK), FHKCR, FHKAM (Radiology)

Hon. Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Imaging & Interventional Radiology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Advisor, Yan Oi Tong Chinese Medicine Hospital Special Advisory Group.

Consultant. Department of Radiology (2012); Chief of Service, Department of Radiology (2009); Deputy Hospital Chief Executive, Queen Mary Hospital (2008); Chairman, Patient Concern Services, Hong Kong Red Cross.

Dr. Jane C.C. Yeung

MBBS (HKU), FRCSEd(Ophth), FCOphthHK, FHKAM (Ophthalmology), MScSMHS (CUHK) 

Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Private Practice, Specialist in Ophthalmology at SPremier Medical Centre

Wide exposure experience – worked in 7 different hospitals, post fellowship overseas in Philadelphia (USA), Singapore, Seoul (Korea).

Served in the public sector (Hospital Authority of Hong Kong) for more than 10 years before private practice.

Active in teaching medical students, junior ophthalmology trainees.

Voluntary work in ophthalmology – out-reach eye examinations in hostels for mentally disabled; community health talks, health talks in schools, public education articles in newspaper columns






What is the cost if you choose to drink Lowsutea or take medications & doctors per year (approximately)...

/half mth

Medications & Doctors:

What is the improvement and saving you may see when starting
drinking Lowsutea?

Improved for
Average Daily
Blood Sugar
per year

Saved for
Medication &
Doctor fee
per year


Saved for
Freedom of life
per year

Taste of Lowsutea® with contemporary
convenience make premium taste of Lowsutea® with no mess Make your tea perfect taste every time, any location
Taste of Lowsutea® with contemporary
convenience make premium taste of Lowsutea® with no mess Make your tea perfect taste every time, any location