Lowsutea Bottle Gift Set- Free Lowsutea 14 sachets

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Regain control of your health by easily lowering your blood sugar levels in 1 convenient package…

…with our Lowsutea Bottle Gift Set 

Buy now & receive:

  • 2x Pack of Lowsutea (Total 30 Sachets, 15 Days Usage )
  • 1x Camellia Treasures Double-Wall Glass Tea Bottle

Made with 100% natural ingredients(Guava leaves & Bitter melon), Lowsutea was formulated to help pre-diabetics and clients with early-stage diabetes achieve & maintain better blood sugar levels and potentially delay the onset of diabetic complications!

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Lowsutea Bottle Gift Set is the best gift as a starter kit to try our Lowsutea in a convenience way. It contains a CT Double-wall glass tea botthle and Lowsutea (15 sachet x 2 packs) for 15 days usage.

Lowsutea is made with 100% natural ingredients which may help to maintain better blood sugar level and potentially delay onset of diabetic complications and empower you to be conscious of your own health to prevention of diabetes.

CT bottle is designed for our exclusive 5gm Mesh sachet tea bags. It is really simple to use, all you have to do is to put the 5gm tea bags into the cover, fill up the bottle with hot water(250ml), tighten the lid and turn around. Once you try our combination of bottle and tea bags, you will be totally impressed by the new way of having premium tea.


Additional information

Packing: 5g Sachets x 30pcs

Golden Ratio: 1g Tea : 50ml water (1.7 ounce)

Teabag Form: Mesh Sachet

Temperature: 90°C-100°C / 194F to 212F

Caffeine: Free

Steeping Time: 3-5mins in 350ml teapot or 250ml in steeping bottle (12 ounce in teapot or 8.5 ounce in steeping bottle)

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