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The ABCs of Diabetic Kidney Disease Prevention

Diabetes in Hong Kong is more common than you think.

Recent data from the Diabetes Hong Kong shows that one in ten Hong Kong adults lives with diabetes. However, because its symptoms do not manifest like other chronic illnesses do, it’s easy to dismiss the risk of having one. When not given proper attention, diabetes can lead to other complications like diabetic kidney disease.

With diabetic kidney disease, your kidneys fail to function normally, causing damage to your other organs. On the upside, diabetic kidney disease prevention is possible, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle that will keep your organs in order.

In Lowsutea’s recent webinar on the onset and progression of diabetic kidney disease, Professor Larry Chan shares a checklist of things that diabetics should assess in order to help with diabetic kidney disease prevention.

A – A1C Test

Diabetics and pre-diabetics are advised by their doctors to maintain habits to lower sugar blood levels. In A1C tests, you will simply prick your finger for a small blood sample and a compact machine will measure the glucose in your blood to know if a dose of insulin is needed.

B – Blood Pressure Maintenance

Keep your blood pressure below 130/80 mm Hg to be safe. Skip the habits of smoking and alcohol drinking as these vices reduce blood flow to your kidneys and contribute to spiking sugar levels, which can lead to more serious kidney-related complications.

C – Cholesterol Regulation

Because you are more at-risk for kidney diseases when you have diabetes, you have to be extra careful with your cholesterol levels. Increase your fiber intake, reduce saturated and trans fat in your meals, and eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids to limit the fat deposits in your kidneys.

D – Diet & Supplement

Increased protein and salt intake can make your kidneys work harder than usual, so your dietitian might encourage you to keep a low-fat, low-protein diet. Moreover, certain supplements like Lowsutea can also help with diabetes management. This all-natural, sugar cleansing tea can help delay the onset of diabetic complications such as diabetic kidney disease.

E – Exercise

Living with diabetes can impose limits to your daily lifestyle, so it’s no surprise that the disease can cause emotional distress, too. To combat this, it’s advised to find ways to de-stress and get moving. Breathing exercises, walking, and yoga are some ways to get those happy hormones and reduce the stress of diabetes treatment.

Diabetic Kidney Disease Prevention is Better Than Cure

Medical professionals are advocates for diabetes management and prevention more than any treatment there is. Your family history and current lifestyle are some things that can influence the risk of you having diabetes. That knowledge gives us the advantage of potentially preventing or delaying its onset.

Living with diabetes is not the end of the road. It takes extra effort to live a more mindful and healthier lifestyle, but we have to remain hopeful that sweeter days are still ahead of us. Know more about how Lowsutea can help.

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