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“The Early Sign and Symptoms of Diabetes” webinar 11 July 2020

Wah Fong Tea Company successfully held the online webinar – “The Early Sign and Symptoms of Diabetes” on July 11, 2020. Let’s see what is discussed in the webinar…

The webinar discussed What is diabetes, Common Symptoms of diabetes, What is Prediabetes, 5 Steps to Prevent diabetes, etc.

The early signs of diabetes are as follows:

  1. Frequent urination,
  2. Increased thirst and drink a lot
  3.  Itchy skin
  4. Unexpected weight loss
  5. Feeling tired
  6. Impaired wound healing
  7. Blurry vision
  8. Poor circulation especially lower part of body
  9. Numbness to foot

Many pre-diabetic clients will become diabetes within 3 to 10 years, thus, early action control and manage your blood sugar and getting medical help and self-manage including dieting, frequent exercise, weight management and drink Lowsutea might help you to prevent diabetes and delay serious diabetic complications and high medical cost.

Want to know the details? Click on the video to watch the webinar!

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