“Top 3 causes of high blood sugar in the morning. What are the steps to take to correct it?/Bonus session making delicious Strawberry Almond cake 5 g carbs” 22 May 2021

Do you know…even taking the best effort to control blood sugar levels, somehow blood sugar continues to elevate in the morning?

It is difficult to meet your diabetes management goals. This webinar provides information on the common causes and with some detective work that could help to isolate the cause and steps to correct it as follows:

  1. Stress Hormones
  2. Somogyi effect
  3. Insulin Warning
  4. Treatment 

– Check blood sugar before you go to bed and wake up

– adjust medication  

– activities in the day not at night          –

– light breakfast before excise in morning

       5.  Drink Lowsutea

Want to know more details? Watch the video to find out more!

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