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Why You Should Eat More Sweet Potatoes but Less Potatoes?

Boiled sweet potatoes have a low to medium GI value, with a greater boiling time lowering the GI.

According to the University of Sydney, when boiled for 30 minutes, sweet potatoes’ GI value was about 46, but when boiled for just 8 minutes, they have a medium GI of 61.

While an unpeeled potato that boiled for 20 min, it scored 78.

So eat smart, BOILED not BAKED.

Eat less potato

Baked sweet potatoes scored higher in glycemic index than any other form. 45 minutes baked sweet potatoes have a GI of 94!

On the other hand, fried potatoes and potato chips led to many bad issues like hypertension, high LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and obesity.

Eating too much fried or chips may increase the risk of heart disease. 

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