Three Generations of Tea Making

Established in 1952, Wah Fong Tea Co. Ltd. has been supplying quality tea products and providing service integrity to the hospitality industry including premier hotels, private clubs, Michelin restaurant & spa chains and airlines for more than 65 years.

Camellia Treasures is a world-renowned brand that offers premium teas with steeping convenience so you can enjoy a healthier quality of life. With a wide range of infusions developed by our professional master tea blenders, we create in house tea blends including Chinese, Western, Herbal and Floral teas.

“Delivering cups of comfort since 1952”


Mr. Andrew, the founder of CT teas, devoted his previous 30 years’ medical experience into healthy teas


Immersed in tea from childhood

Being the third generation in a family tea business, Tea Specialist and Enthusiast Mr. Andrew Lau, has been enjoying his ‘Cups of Comfort and Culture’ from a very young age. The strength of his community spirit became rooted in his heart and mind.

After retiring from his career in healthcare, Andrew was drawn to the sweet memories of his family’s tradition and passion for tea drinking to pursue the ‘Healthy Enjoyment of Quality Life’. Since entering the family business, Wah Fong Tea Company Ltd., he developed Camellia Treasures ‘CT’ Teas brand of premium, specialty teas and blends.

In addition, he further introduced a health and wellness infusion with the creation of Lowsutea, the first of a series of functional teas. Lowsutea is a unique blend of natural ingredients for sugar cleansing that is believed to assist in maintaining better blood sugar level and to delay the onset of diabetic complications and empower you to conscious to your own health and prevention of diabetes

Andrew welcomes all to create and celebrate your good health with ‘CT’ Lowsutea, and its many other fine tea blends, throughout your life’s journey.

– Love & save lives when being an ICU nurse and VP of healthcare company

As he matured, Andrew developed a path to helping people and saving lives through the medical field and industry.

With his studies in nursing and endeavors in ER and ICU, Andrew extended his knowledge and skills to introducing essential instruments, life-saving therapies, and nutrition products throughout Asia in his capacity as the Asia Pacific VP for Baxter Healthcare and Regional Director for Abbot Laboratories.

– Transform from healthcare to healthy tea, invite everyone to enjoy quality & healthy life

Retired from a career in healthcare, Andrew was drawn to the sweet memories of his family’s tradition of ‘yumcha’ and social sharing over cups of fine teas.

He strives to support people’s health and well-being by making functional teas with healthy ingredients with the highest-quality sourced from around the world.

He endeavored to help people create delightful moments and memories through his passion for tea drinking, and established CT Camellia Treasures brand of daily healthy teas.


IFSA Food Safety Contribution Award. First ever given from IFSA, Manufacturing Company in Hong Kong to be ISO22000 Certified.


 Develop Lowsutea to help maintain better blood sugar level, delay onset of diabetic complication and empower customers to be conscious to their own health and prevention of diabetes


iTQi , Brussels – Superior Taste 2 Star Award Awarded by Sommeliers


North American Tea Championship 3rd Place


Premium Teas with Steeping Convenience’ – Unique bottle launched for the B2C market.

Launched in Premium Supermarkets: Great and Food le Parc


1st Tea Manufacturing Company in Hong Kong to be ISO22000 Certified. Running HACCP since 2007.


Fragrant Serenity Floral Tea Blend awarded by iTQi, Brussels – Superior Taste 3 Star Award, North American Tea Championship – 3rd Place Award


Sweet Memories Floral Tea Blend awarded by Sofi Award – Finalist of Hot Beverage


Our first physical retail locations are opened with TDC Design Gallery at Hong Kong Airport and Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.


Sweet Memories Floral Tea Blend awarded by iTQi, Brussels – Superior Taste 2 Star Award , North American Tea Championship – 2nd Place Award


Our Worldwide brand Camellia Treasures is introduced.


1st Tea manufacturing company in Hong Kong to be HACCP, FDA Registered and Halal certified.


Launch of innovative Premium Convenience mesh sachet of different sizes (1.5g to 25g) for visual appreciation and unparalleled flavour


Focusing on premium tea we start supplying to 5-star hotels, casinos and private clubs. Our solutions for operational efficiency and consistently high quality bundled with excellent customer service receives recognition from many of our customers.


Arthur’s son, Andrew, joined the company and worked on Transforming ITS strategy and operations.


A custom made machine is designed and developed to bring operational efficiency to hotels and restaurants. Product range from 1.5g to 25g.


Our reputation of being a quality provider with excellent service, opened up the doors to many of the premier clubs and establishments in Hong Kong.


The business evolved well, and the company started delivering to major restaurants in Hong Kong.


The company is founded by Arthur Lau in Hong Kong. He sources from tea plantations and sets up the first factory.

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