Why You Should Eat More Sweet Potatoes but Less Potatoes?

Boiled sweet potatoes have a low to medium GI value, with a greater boiling time lowering the GI.

Diabetes Diet: How Good is Tomato

Tomato is a low GI food and an excellent food for diabetics!

Nutrition Facts: Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese is one of the most popular Italian foods, you can find it from Michelin restaurants to fast food restaurants.

Regular Exercises Definitely Help Weight Loss

Lack of exercise is the main factor in weight gain and obesity. Obesity can cause a series of health problems, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint problems, etc.

Drink Lowsutea When You Go Yum Cha

Yum Cha is a common social activity in Hong Kong. People enjoy spending time eating dim sum and chatting with friends.

Is It Suitable For Diabetics To Eat Oatmeal For Breakfast?

Many of us will choose oatmeal for breakfast because it is quick and easy, and many brands advertise that oatmeal is rich in nutrients and good for health.

Eat More Bell Peppers to Help Increasing Fiber and Water Intake

When picking ingredients for diet, people with diabetes should choose food that contains rich fiber and water, in order to maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar levels.

How to Choose Meat Source Wisely?

For non-vegetarians, meat is the main source of protein, but for diabetics, you must pay more attention to meat selection

What Are The Lowsutea 5 Programs?

We are not only offering you the Lowsutea

Eat Less Ham And Sausage If You're Diabetic

We often take ham, sausages or bread for breakfast or tea time snacks as these refined foods are quick and convenient.