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Monkey Pick Oolong Tea Subscription

HKD $326.00 every 3 months

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Monkey Pick Oolong Tea contains phytochemical of catechins and caffeine that helps you boost energy expenditure and enhance weight control and maintain youthful skin, bringing healthy balance from within.

Traditionally reserved for the enjoyment of only the imperial court, Monkey Pick Oolong is one of the top grade Oolong teas. Legend has it that monkeys were trained by monks to harvest only the best leaves from the tea trees on steep mountains slopes. Still today, the delicate process of tea leaf harvest is something done with great consideration and care. As the finest Oolong tea, it is charcoal roasted slowly for 43 hours over a soft, warm and consistent fire to release its fresh, orchid fragrance. The special process brings out a complex palate with floral and honey-like sub notes with a smooth nutty roundness.


Packing: 5g Sachets x 10pcs
Teabag Form: Mesh Sachet
Caffeine: Medium
Golden Ratio: 1g Tea : 50ml water (1.7 ounce)
Temperature: 90°C-100°C
Steeping Time: 3-5mins in 350ml teapot or 250ml in steeping bottle (12 ounce in teapot or 8.5 ounce in steeping bottle)


Light floral and freshly toasted nuts.
Especially charcoal roasted oolong provides a deep rich roasted aroma and full smoky taste.
Smooth, bright orchid aroma throughout with a clean, refreshing finish.

Health Benefits

Support Weight Control

Contain catechins and caffeine. These phytochemicals can boost the energy expenditure, enhancing weight loss

Control Blood Sugar

Consumption of oolong tea can moderate the blood glucose level

Promote Skin Health

The antioxidants curb the free radicals damaging the skin, thus delaying premature aging

Improve Bone Health

Protect bones and prevent osteoporosis as minerals are retained

Boost Immunity

Protect against respiratory tract infections, fungal infections and even gum disease

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