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Foods to Avoid for the Prevention of Diabetic Neuropathy | 11 MAR 2023 – LOWSUTEA Webinar

If you or someone you know is living with diabetes, you likely know that managing the condition can be challenging.

In addition to monitoring blood sugar levels, taking medications, and getting regular exercise, people with diabetes must also pay close attention to their diet. A healthy diet can help prevent complications of diabetes, including neuropathy.

In this webinar, our speaker, Mr. Andrew Lau, will discuss the link between diet and diabetic neuropathy and share practical tips on avoiding foods that can aggravate neuropathy symptoms and promote better nerve health.

During this free, one-hour session, you will learn the following:

• The link between diet and diabetic neuropathy
• Common foods that can worsen neuropathy symptoms
• Healthy alternatives to replace unhealthy foods
• Tips for making sustainable dietary changes

Watch now: Foods to Avoid for the Prevention of Diabetic Neuropathy

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