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20 years’ Vintage Puerh tea is the healthy beverage which not only has a long history of Chinese Tea but can help improve digestion, reduce fat and lose weight. You will feel lighter and find healthy energy growing in your body.

20 years’ Vintage Puerh tea has been enjoyed by the Chinese for its warming properties and aid to digestion for centuries. Our 20 years’ Vintage Puerh tea is carefully selected from speciality farms in the Yunnan Province that have worked with us for over 67 years. The tea is carefully matured for years to provide a luxurious and rich taste.


Packing: 5g Sachets x 10pcs

Teabag Form: Mesh Sachet

Caffeine: medium

Golden Ratio: 1g Tea : 50ml water (1.7 ounce)

Temperature: 90°C-100°C

Steeping Time: 3-5mins in 350ml teapot or 250ml in steeping bottle  (12 ounce in teapot or 8.5 ounce in steeping bottle)



Mushrooms and bare earth with complex woody notes. Delete stone age!

Health Benefits

Support Weight Control

Boosts the breakdown process of fat and block the formation of fat cells

Improve Digestion
Enhance digestion by balancing the bacteria in the stomach and the gut

Help Focus

Contains caffeine and an amino acid called L-theanine, which can improve alertness and focus

Improve Oral Health

A natural mouthwash that helps fight bad breath

Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Is thought to aid in regulating cholesterol levels and reducing bad cholesterol

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