(For HK User Only) Lowsutea Bottle Gift Set + Abbott Freestyle Libre Sensor Blood Sugar Monitor (14 Days)

HKD $872.00

Regain control of your health by easily lowering, tracking & charting your blood sugar levels in 1 convenient package…

…with our Lowsutea Bottle Gift Set & Abbott Freestyle Libre Sensor!

Made with 100% natural ingredients(Guava leaves & Bitter melon), Lowsutea was formulated to help pre-diabetics and clients with early-stage diabetes achieve & maintain better blood sugar levels and potentially delay the onset of diabetic complications!


Important notice: The Abbott Freestyle Libre Sensor bought from this website can only be applicable in Hong Kong market.


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Discount on tea only

(For HK User Only) Lowsutea Bottle Gift Set + Abbott Freestyle Libre Sensor Blood Sugar Monitor (14 Days)

This means NO MORE finger pricking, troublesome tests & long waits for your results!

Buy now & receive:

  • 2x Pack of Lowsutea (Total 30 Sachets, 15 Days Usage)
  • 1x Camellia Treasures Double-Wall Glass Tea Bottle
  • 1x Abbott Libre Sensor Blood Sugar Sensor (14 Days Usage)

At any time of the day, you’ll be able to immediately check your blood sugar levels.

Abbott Libre’s Blood Sugar Sensor allows you to track your blood sugar level for up to 14 days with a single application!

Simply apply the Abbott Libre Sensor to your upper arm & use your cell phone to measure your blood sugar results.

With 1 painless application, scan & receive accurate glucose levels within seconds!

You can easily see the blood sugar lowering effects of Lowsutea using the Abbott Libre sensor to monitor your blood sugar level at any time of the day…

  •  Before & After 3 meals per day
  •  After exercise
  •  During rest period

… which means no more hassle with messy tests!

FreeStyle LibreLink will only work with phones that meet the following minimum requirements:

• Android Operating System 5.0 and higher, Near Field Communication (NFC) capability
• iPhone 7 or higher, OS 11 or higher

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