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Take a Stand for Diabetes Prevention and Control

One in 10 Hong Kong adults live with diabetes, and they are at risk of a bittersweet ending; the numbers say so. Even though, with a grim future at the horizon, we’d like to remain hopeful of sweeter days and wonder how the future looks for diabetics in Hong Kong.

Diabetes in Hong Kong: Can We Still Prevent or Control?

According to Centre for Health Protection in Hong Kong, diabetes claimed about 12500 inpatient discharges and inpatient deaths in all hospital in 2020. It was the tenth commonest cause of deaths in Hong Kong.

By 2030, it is estimated that 920,000 Hong Kong people will have diabetes. As a developed city, the public health crisis can indeed pose a lack of systemic support for holistic diabetes treatment, but there are programs in place that you can take advantage of.

Small Steps to Champion Diabetes Prevention and Control

The following are ways that can help empower Hong Kong people to champion for better diabetes care in the city.

Encourage lower blood sugar maintenance through healthy alternatives

Access to insulin is critical to maintaining a healthy life for diabetics; but maintaining low blood sugar levels via insulin is not the end-all-be-all in diabetes management.

There are all-natural alternatives that can help spark more holistic lifestyles. For one, Lowsutea is a widely trusted brand that is committed to helping diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals take control of their lives with the help of a carefully crafted sugar cleansing tea.

Foster a community for diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals

Aside from a product that’s created to aid those living with diabetes, Lowsutea is driven to nurture a community that will keep all of you informed about the condition.

When you become a Lowsutea ambassador, you play a huge role advocating for the prevention and control of diabetes in the country through the many products, channels, and partnerships that Lowsutea leverages.

Earn an income for your family while helping others

By joining our brand ambassadors program, you can enjoy the perks of advocating for an excellent cause while also reaping financial benefits for your labor. Earn when you share the gift of life with Lowsutea.

Our starter kit is inclusive of the following:
• 2 bags of Lowsutea 60
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• Free 5 bags of Lowsutea 4
• Exclusive Lowsutea starter kit bag
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Achieve your own wellness and business success by becoming an entrepreneur with one of the world’s recognized tea brands.

Community is at the Core of Diabetes Prevention and Control

Does the future look bright for diabetes management? The numbers say more will be at risk, but community efforts tell us that there’s a sense of togetherness that can bolster all of you with diabetes prevention and control.

Visit our website to know more about our brand ambassadors program and help improve diabetes care.

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